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User Experience Work


Highlights From Red Antler

I was responsible for the UX Design of all the work I did while at Red Antler. Audicus, and Virtru were particularly complex and challenging. Our UX process involved kickoff sessions with key stakeholders, preliminary research, collaboration with Strategy for content layout and prioritization, a detailed sitemap and a few rounds of wireframes. Then a Visual Designer and I would put our heads together to bring the wireframes to life using the visual language established in the branding process, followed by development oversight, QA, and testing. I designed the UX for a variety of other websites during my stint at Red Antler, including but not limited to: 


Product Design For DFV Labs

I was the responsible for all UX/UI and Visual design for Keen SMB. I worked with two other visual designers on the PushPenny redesign, and was responsible for the information architecture, interaction, and experience design. I iterated on the original MVP version of the PushPenny iOS and Android app delivered by its developer. I have contributed significantly to its current design. Unfortunately, none of these project have since been maintained.  

General Assembly Design Sprints

These projects were completed as part of General Assembly's Immersive program in User Experience Design. We were given two weeks to complete each of these projects. While I designed Hohm (formerly known as Walksafe) on my own, I worked on a team with two other designers for the Mixtaper and the Memorial Site projects.