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My Role

Page flow, content structure, and animations for entire site

  • Worked closely with the Strategy team to determine content for each page

  • Iterated on structure and layout through several rounds of wireframes
  • Created the concepts and prototypes for challenging animations
  • Collaborated with Visual Designer, translating wires into design (I was not responsible for creating the designs). 

The Challenge

Virtru’s key selling points are it’s simple installation, easy of use, and powerful email encryption. The client requested an update to their marketing site. Their ask: evolve the marketing site for the app so that it looks both robust and easy to use. Virtru’s primary customer is enterprise, but their research indicated that Virtru is usually sold into a business through a company's HR representative or their IT person. The IT would need to feel like sophisticated, powerful technology drives the app. On the other hand, HR needs to feel like it’s very easy to use if they are going to ask employees to integrate new software into their workflow.

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For the Home page, we brought the email itself and the Virtru email switch front and center. Because the email takes up essential real estate in the hero space, we made better use of this space through a simple animation in which an imaginary user types out different email drafts.  We'd illuminate key use cases, immediately preempting the question, “Why do I need this?". Users could glimpse important examples of information they'd want to protect like a SSN or a Credit Card number, without reading the email drafts in full. 

Final Homepage Wireframe

Final Homepage Design


Features Page

For the Features page, we told this story by designing and building out a scroll animation. The animation walks the user through the a stylized version of the app experience, which highlights the apps key features in digestible, sequential steps of a possible workflow. We were careful to avoid a scroll jacked experience; the pacing is user controlled.

Video Prototype Of Scroll Animation


Get Virtru Page

For the Get Virtru page, we made sure we used an updated version of their highest performing button. The button, we suspected, performed so well because it immediately indicates that Virtru is a Chrome extension, which you can install in two clicks. However this might work for users who use Chrome as their browser, we had to consider the different devices, operating systems, and browsers users were viewing the page from. We created a page that would dynamically adjust its content according to these factors.

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