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We see ourselves and our peers as both restless and habitual creatures. Our goal is to address this contradiction by transforming a single space

Madeline Davis, Maxine Puorro, and I started doing Shedshows in 2010. We have been running a curious art exhibition events out of a giant shed behind our home.  In the past three years, twenty six different people have live in our home. Sadly, the house went into foreclosure and we no longer have the space. 

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The space is a casual "event based" way of experiencing art--that partly aims at upending the various expectations one has in going somewhere, like a museum or gallery, to view art. Visitors are encouraged to drink and be merry, and in many cases, to play around with the artwork itself. 

We see ourselves and our peers as both restless and habitual creatures. Our goal is to address this contradiction by transforming a single space–the Shed–in order to pluralize the experiences within it. You could compare this to, say, a homepage--always the same cyber space but never the same content or experience. 

We choose art that impacts its physical context and alters the social dynamic of the gallery experience, as it is conventionally understood. The art objects can be particular or atmospheric as the viewer chooses. 

We have exhibited the work of more than 28 artists, including Lacey Carter, who held our only solo exhibition. Carter received a small grant from Colorado College to make this happen. Carter transformed the space into a fake boutique that was 'selling' her specific brand of 'things' (clothing, craft beer, a giant clock, a desk, lamps, children's blocks etc). 


 We have also hosted other kinds of things in the Shed, such as the Stereocure Traveling Showcase. Stereocure is a fantastic collective of electronic musicians  and visual masterminds working out of the Oberlin Conservatory.

Artists have included: Samantha Ives, Lilyana Levy, Maxine Puorro, Noah Lourie Mosher, John McCartin, Maximilian Rollins, Zachary Hamilton, Nick Burrell, Leski Kolanko, Ethan Fisher, Willy Mann, Leone Alix Mazaud, Chelsea Cater, Mara Gerson, Gus Wheeler, Elodie Blakely, Helios Tavío Domínguez, Rebecca Gluck, Nicholas Korody, Carlye Packer, Will Wheeler, Gaby Van Auken, Gram Hill, Hannah Ryan, Matthew Hammel, Paloma Jimenez, Jackie Neudorf, Lacey Carter, Maddy Cichy, and Kyla Winner Conner