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Creative Direction and Product Design

Initially the Senior Product Designer for the on-demand paint startup, I was promoted to Creative Director and helped evolve the brand, user experience, and product.


Web Design Refresh

At Paintzen, a Series A funded startup, the young business was constantly evolving. The services we offered, and which of them we wanted to highlight on our website and in our marketing material, changed as the business grew and as new partnerships developed. We devised novel ways of directing the right site visitor (our audience varied from homeowners to property managers to painters and more) to the appropriate landing pages. Working with a consulting expert, we took on the challenge of SEO and I developed a web design system of plug and play UI modules that could easily accommodate all the verbiage and content required by the SEO improvements. Another major development which came from our leadership was the request to create a whole new subsidiary service-- DIY painting. Using the SEO and DIY initiatives as a foundation for change, I gradually refreshed and refined the navigation, utility, and look of the web experience. 


Booking and Quoting Product Optimizations

Being able to get a quote for your paint job online was a major selling point for Paintzen. Automating this process and creating a simple user experience for potential customers was a great and exciting challenge.  The quoting flow presented a huge range of UX considerations. Working closely with our developers, we devised ways to distill all the numerous factors that went into pricing on the back end and translate them into concise questions on the front end. Employing qualitative research and rapid prototyping, I devised interactions and a visual system of illustrations and accompanying question that would guide users in describing their homes and needs for the most accurate quote.

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Developing a whole new product 

Paintzen's primary offering was on-demand professional painting. But to attract more customers and work around the prohibitive costs of some professional paint jobs, Paintzen created a secondary paint-it-yourself service. This meant that customers could save on the job by eliminating the cost of labor. Customers could answer a few questions online about the job, employing the online quoting experience we had already developed, get a quote for all the supplies and paint they needed, place the order online, and have everything they needed for the job delivered to their door. The new service required that we appeal to a new demographic-- DIYers. This new service prompted deeper brand identity research and development, social marketing changes, and UX evolution. 


Identity Polish

Paintzen's branding was originally created at Red Antler, where I had previously worked on building the UX for Paintzen. I had the unique privilege of seeing how a branding system created out-of-house was put to work in-house. From this vantage point, I learned what worked for us and what didn't, refining the visual system as our needs evolved. One key change was our palette: because Paintzen used color as inspiration in our imagery across all marketing channels, and because we were developing our own paint color palettes, our original rainbow of brand colors needed to be stripped back, allowing us to operate more like a fashion house and letting our brand to accommodate new color trends and palettes we would use to sell the service. I also developed a new isometric illustration system that could be used both in marketing contexts and in our quoting flow. 

Style Card.png

Sampling Kit and Packaging Design

Choosing a paint color is challenging and we wanted to guide customers out ofchoice paralysis, a possible obstruction to conversion. Our solution was to create seasonal paint palettes to narrow the options and offer handy paint sampling kits for customers to try the colors risk free in their own homes. Working hand-in-hand with Marketing and our partner, Benjamin Moore, we created the palette. I was entirely responsible for creating the kit itself--calculating the cost of components, what tools and materials were included, how orders would be fulfilled in-house, and how all of it was labelled and packaged. This was the first and only physical product that Paintzen developed and it was exciting to have such a heavy hand in its creation. 


Social Direction and Content

Working alongside our brilliant Marketing leads, I refined our social identity, focusing especially on Instagram. I developed a more intentional approach to our social content, making it more creative, unique, ownable, and aspirational. Moving beyond pretty pictures of rooms, and working to appeal to home-grown interior designers, we curated and showcased eye-catching imagery that would speak to different aspects of what it means to paint your home or office-- from color choice to the experience of witnessing great change in your space to the paint itself.