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Keen SMB


What is Keen SMB?

Keen SMB is a Customer Data & Engagement Platform that helps local businesses acquire new customers and learn more about existing ones. Keen allows you to build a rich customer database with names, email, contact and demographic information, automatically create and send targeted promotions to customers, easily set up landing pages with sign up forms for customer acquisition, track the performance of promotions and sign up forms. With enhanced customer profiles, Keen helps automatically analyze online and offline communication and append customer profiles with third-party data, increasing the size and quality of your customer database.



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Why Create Keen?

Customer Engagement is the key to a small business' success. But engaging with local customers can be hard and expensive.

Keen is a tool that uses data to focus your local marketing efforts...targeting the right local customers with the right offers, resulting in the highest return on your limited marketing budget.


My Role

I was responsible for any and all design with this product, since it's inception in September. Given abstract requirements for the product, I produced the UX requirements, the sitemap and high level architecture, the UI and interaction for each page and for each feature, and then interaction between the pages. I collaborated with a PM and a very talented developer working out of Ukraine to continually refine the app. I created the visual language for the brand. I communicated design through a variety of deliverables, including PSD's, Omnigraffle wireframes, Axure prototypes, flow diagrams, and even some code.  Most of these features went into production for a product demo that was created for our first few clients. I created these design deliverables for Keen and those for the PushPenny site and native iOS/Android mobile app concurrently.