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Elodie Blakely

Humor me for a moment:

I was thinking about what my friend Dino was saying the other day about a website for potato chips...who exactly is looking at a website for cheetos? or Lays potato chips? 

I came across this website the other day and it's utterly baffling. First I want to tell you how and why I came across this site. I was sitting around the dinner table with friends...we were all yuckin' it up and we started talking about snacks that we loved in elementary school. We related tales of snack time bartering and we all agreed...gushers were king. You could trade a whole bag of Goldfish for 2 gushers--if you were a fool, of course--but still, that was considered by most a reasonable trade. 

But what ARE gushers, really? And fruit roll-ups (remember tongue tattoos?)? Fruit-by-the-foot? So we "did a google on it" (as my mom sometimes says) to find out what ingredients comprised Fruit Gushers. 

And so we found this:

I encourage you all to explore this site. Especially the "Snackians" section and the "Become An Omnomgineer" video. The animation and visual design is stunning, in its own bizarre way. Click on the Snackians...they have these peculiar introductions (the female one is especially ridiculous, it's just like, "Hey! This is what a girl is!"...reprehensible prescriptive nonsense...) And the Omnomgineer video? It's clearly taking cues from Tim&Eric, with its strange editing, random subject matter, and public access vibe. And their new tagline..."OM NOM NOM". Their (new) brand has this smattering of internet humor elements that don't seem appropriate to the market audience...presumably little kids, who eat this...whatever it is.

Who exactly is this site for? If it's for kids, what kind of kid is going to a gushers site? Moreover, what kind of parent is taking their kid to a gushers website? What is the purpose of this site? It appears as though they went 'big', not 'home'. It doesn't seem like they skimped on the's pretty elaborate for what it is. But what is it?

Well, it says. At the very top of homepage, almost imperceptibly, there is a airplane with a banner:
"Hey kids! This is Advertising"

Needless to say, I never figured out what the ingredients were.