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The Challenge

My Role

Page flow, site and content structure, product quiz and purchasing experience for entire site

  • Worked closely with the Strategy team to determine content for each page

  • Iterated on structure and layout through several rounds of wireframes
  • Created the concepts and prototypes for product quiz and checkout process
  • Collaborated with Visual Designer, translating wires into design (I was not responsible for creating the final visual designs). 

Audicus, which one could describe as the ‘Warby Parker of Hearing Aids’, presented a unique set of challenges. The client requested an overhaul of their site's marketing pages and e-Commerce experience. Working on the Audicus user experience challenged us to make a clean, spacious, modern e-Commerce web experience, but one that simultaneously catered to particular audience with a particular set of needs: Seniors. Another challenge presented by Audicus was to elucidate the complicated hearing aid purchasing process, and position Audicus as the best, easiest, most affordable solution. Working closely with the client, we created an extremely effective e-Commerce experience that included a quiz we designed to explain audiograms to customers and steer them to the product best suited to their needs.  

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Marketing The Product

A hearing aid isn’t the sexiest consumer purchase. Selling this particular product was more about education than it was about image. A large part of what the client required is for us to clarify their business model, explaining how Audicus was the most affordable solution. Iterating on different information layouts and infographics, we distilled the disruptive model of Audicus on the site’s About Us page. 


Steering the User

Guiding customers to choose the best hearing aids for their own level of hearing loss ultimately came down to empowering users to understand their own audiograms. We pored over different examples of audiograms, understanding exactly what they show, and simplified the entire decision making process into four simple questions. We tested different prototypes for a quiz and landed on a very simple product wizard. We also ensured that our designs could accommodate customers with more questions at any stage of the shopping process by increasing the visibility of customer service outlets. 

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Video of Product Quiz Experience


Not your average checkout

Similar to the way that Warby Parker requires prescriptions for lenses, Audicus required an audiogram from an audiologist to complete the purchasing process. This meant that our checkout process couldn’t be totally boilerplate, but we would also need to careful not to add any obstructions to conversion. We designed a checkout process with clear steps and options for sending in your audiogram to Audicus—including an option to send it in later and purchase the aids without it (which prompted a follow up call from a CS representative before processing the order).